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D1DB By Pinoy Team Malaysia

Destina1’s DIDB on 4th June 2017 was held at McDonald Kota Raya, Pudu, Kuala Lumpur. The program started at 12.30 noon, Leaders, Mr. Arul, Mr. Mahesh, Mr. Ganish, Madam Viji and Pinoy team were ready to receive the guests at the McDonald’s event room. Dato Seri Dr. Barani, Prof Karunakaran & Dato Thiwakaran attended the program. The program started with cake cutting ceremony, a cake made of Destina1 Scalarvia followed by introduction speech by Dato Seri Dr. Barani and a wonderful presentation. More than 100 people attended the program. All the attendees enjoyed their McD Meal. The crowd were filled with excitement as the pinoy leaders started sharing their success stories in Tagalog. Most of the people who attended the event were really happy and they begin to enroll in Destina1.The function was a great success. Congratulations to all Pinoy Leaders who made the event successful.