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Destina 1 created a visionary path through D1,Success & U Part 2

On 2nd February 2013, Kuala Lumpur – Destina 1 International created a visionary path through “ D1, Success & U” Part 2 seminar at its headquarters , Kuala Lumpur. The seminar was participated by managements, leaders, distributors and new prospects. The seminar was unveiled with welcoming speech by great MC COO Mr.Johnson KK Tang. DESTINA 1 INTERNATIONAL Founder, President & CEO Prof Dato Dr.Barani Karunakaran did a short introduction on how this seminar has transformed his life and drove him to his current status. Master Coach Prof. Dr. Dev the coach of the day divided the day event into 2 phases Goals Part 1 and Goals Part 2. The seminar focuses were willingness to succeed, importance of life coach, personal goals setting, life goals setting, Destina 1 being the best vehicle to success, and many more. He also shared about modifying lifestyle with Destina 1. He pointed out that only 5% of people have achieved their dream lifestyle while the other 95% falls back still dreaming. He acclaims that “Think and Grow Rich “ by Napoleon Hill is the holy book for all the great leaders and successful achievers. At the end of the session all the attendees had their own goal card and made public declaration based on that. The 30 days challenge based on the public declaration will transform many lives into a better life. Destina 1 Founder, President & CEO Prof Dato Dr.Barani Karunakaran introduced the new and innovative Destina 1 packages which will bloom the market successfully. While the most anticipated moment of the day was the announcement of achievers rewards. Among the rewards were the fully sponsored cruise trip to Alaska for all the Crown Diamond achievers, fully sponsored trip to Perth Australia and India for two pax for all the Royal Diamond achievers. Lastly, Destina 1 Founder & Vice President shared few of his experiences to nourish the attendees to be more successful and how these will make a better world to live. D1 will continue its journey and discover rest of the world. D1 world no. 1