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Unlock Your MIND Power for Success & Wealth seminar

REPORT for Unlock Your MIND Power for Success & Wealth seminar.

D1 recently conducted a "Unlock Your MIND Power for Success & Wealth" seminar at Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya, Penang on 13th October 2012.

The speakers include Master Coach Dev from Self Mastery Learning Centre (Master Coach Dev is BOB PROCTOR's only Master coach in Asia. He is a certified Born Rich Master Coach with Bob Proctor’s Life Success Productions), D1 Founder President Dato Dr Barani, D1 Founder Vice President Karunakaran, D1 CEO Mr Johnson Tang & D1 Top Leader Mr KC Phoon.

Master Dev shared about "Turning your Annual Income into your Monthly Income". Instead of just making a living, we should move to having a lifestyle - "Moving from Life to Lifestyle". He said that 95% of Networkers live a pathetic life (low income) whereas only 5% of Networkers actually live in style (financial freedom). D1 Success Model is to have a Life Coach for success & a commitment to continuous learning program. Most of the time, the mind is the biggest stumbling block to our success in life. "If you create Order in your MIND, You will create Order in your Business. If you sort out your Personal Life, you will achieve success in your Professional Life." There is much sharing by Master Coach Dev which would be too lengthy for this report. However there was never a dull moment and the hall was often filled with laughter. At the end Master Coach Dev has indeed helped the participants to Unlocked their MIND power!

D1 Founder President Dato Dr Barani shared about why D1 is a choice platform & vehicle for the participants to achieve their dreams. He shared about D1 vision, mission, generous rewarding payout & sophisticated software system. He also informed them that D1 is continuously working to bring out new innovative and trending products so that D1 distributors can grow their business fast. Products in pipeline includes nutrition, personal care, education, weight management, collectible items, holiday & travel, advertisement, etc.

D1 Founder Vice President Mr Karunakaran shared on some of the reasons why networkers failed in their business and offered pointers how to avoid these pitfalls. He also shared that networkers should be ethical in their profession and should strive to abide by the code of ethics.

D1 CEO Mr Johnson Tang introduced D1 current products to the participants. Mr Johnson shared that the uniqueness of D1 products which includes the Advanced Scalar Technology (AST) that it employs, the products are easy to use, simple to operate, convenient, economical, instance / fast result. In addition to AST, certain product also comes with Far Infrared, Negative Ion & Bio Magnetic. Mr Johnson later showed the participants the correct & attractive ways to demonstrate D1 products to their prospects.

D1 Top Leader Mr KC Phoon shared that Network Marketing (or MLM) is the best vehicle for him to achieve his lofty dreams. "If I have to do it again, I would still choose Network Marketing. I strongly believe Destina 1 as my vehicle to achieve my dreams and also for my team". We don't fail in our endeavours. We just quit along the way. Be persistent towards your goals and just don't quit! That is the secret of success". Mr KC also shared in detailed on the profitability of D1 generous compensation marketing plan.

It was a Power Packed seminar with all the participants Geared Up & Motivated for SUCCESS & WEALTH CREATION! Their MIND Power now have been UNLOCKED and there's NO obstacle or barrier that will hold them back from ACHIEVING THEIR DREAMS!! Don't miss the next session of this seminar!