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Destina 1 Website Launching

Destina 1 International had a Great Start!

Destina 1 International is pleased to announce that we have successfully launched our Company's Website on 18 July 2012. Dato Dr Barani, the Founder and President of Destina 1 International, planned an excellent start and inauguration for "Hope for Mankind". The company chose to launch our website at the Rumah Kebajikan Seri Cahaya Penang to mark our commitment to our community project "Hope for Mankind”

Dato Dr Barani & his team of software engineers from India put lots of effort to develop & design this sophisticated MLM system for Destina 1 International. It is said that the system is one of the best ever developed for the MLM Industry.

This Website Launching Program, started with the warm welcome by the Management Team – which included Mr.Karuna, the company Vice President, Mr Johnson Tang, the CEO and all the Vice Presidents of various departments – Mr. Kenny Tan, Mrs. Nithiya, Mr. Patrick Chan, Ms. SP Wong and General Manager Dhamayanthy.

The colorful and cheerful program was arranged to show the website launch on big screen to the invited distinguished guests which included our Destina 1 Product Consultant Dr. Sathy Ramakrishnan and her husband Mr. Sivanathan, our Great Leader Mr. KC Phoon as well as other leaders present.

When the website launch countdown reached 15 seconds just before the unveiling of the website, Destina 1 Management, its team, honored guests and the 60 children from the home gathered around to count down loudly. When we reached the last count, everybody shouted Destina 1’s motto "D1 World No 1" loudly 3 times – signifying Destina’s goal to be World No. 1 in distributing Advanced Scalar Technology wellness products. At that moment Destina 1 website was automatically unveiled and launched on the big screen to the thunderous applause and delightful shouting of all present!

To commemorate this joyful occasion , a cake cutting ceremony was held which was lead by our Vice President Mr. Karuna and our Leader Mr. KC Phoon. The program ended with the serving of delicious food to the 60 underprivileged children from the home as well as gifts for everyone of them. It was a great joy indeed to see their faces beaming with smiles and to hear them shouting Destina 1’s motto "D1 World No 1" even when the program has already ended.

"People will forget what you said and what you did, but they will never forget how you make them feel!" - Maya Angelou

Destina 1 is making the feel towards a great success and service to mankind!
“D 1 – WORLD No. 1”