Greetings of wellness and good tidings from the Philippines! 

I accept and treasure my role as COO of Destina 1 in the Philippines with great honor and humility. Destina 1 is committed to share the gift of good health to every Filipino through its revolutionary technology, Advanced Scalar Technology. 

The Philippines is special because it is home to family-loving Filipinos, many of whom are leaving the country to seek opportunities and provide a better life for their families. As a Filipino myself (born in Baguio City and a native of Pangasinan), I belong to a family who migrated to the United States, carrying the same hopes and dreams. 

Destina 1 founder and group CEO, Professor Dato` Dr. Barani Karunakaran, shared with me his vision about a world where every living person benefits from Advance Scalar Technology. Health truly is our greatest wealth and Dato Dr. Barani inspires us in the Philippines to keep on sharing this wonderful path toward wellness.  

Growing up in California, my eyes were opened to the importance of health and wellness and that being healthy is not only for the privileged; it is the birth right of every individual on this beautiful planet. 

Now is the right time to be involved in a platform that could not only help save people’s lives through Advanced Scalar Technology but also uplift people’s lives through social entrepreneurship, which is being done through Destina 1’s Hope for Mankind Foundation. 

I hope and pray that this message inspires you to take the first step in securing your and your family’s health and achieving a brighter and fulfilled future.